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There are plenty of matters a person or a company has to deal with legally. With us, you will find a complete solution to your requirements.

The law office of JUDr. Pavel Tomek provides complete legal services, both to clients among business and public corporations and to natural persons, regardless of whether the natural persons are entrepreneurs or people dealing with everyday life matters. 

Apart from usual legal issues of preparing and reviewing contracts, debt recovery, making claims arising from defect liability, damages and representation in judicial and administrative proceedings, etc., our attorneys focus mostly on the specific areas generally defined in the legal specializations register, including a non-exhaustive list of services provided in the respective areas.


Complete legal services, advisory, transaction contract preparation, evaluation of intended acquisitions with regard to general circumstances and needs of the client, legal due diligence, shareholder agreement preparation

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. David Mikula, Mgr. Radka Löbelová

Tax Law

Representation in tax proceedings, representation at tax and customs offices, tax advisory, administrative actions against undue excise tax, VAT, income tax, real estate acquisition tax payments, administrative actions against decisions of financial authorities, excise tax

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, JUDr. Petr Kožíšek

Energy Law

Representation in proceedings before the market regulator (Energy Regulatory Office), energy production and distribution advisory, mining law, licence advisory, renewable energy sources, state energy subsidies, protection of legitimate interests of licence holders, competition in energy sectors

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. David Mikula

Financial Law

Financial analyses, banking services, financial advisory, business transaction analyses, securities law, stock and bond emissions, securities registration, advisory in execution of securities owner’s rights, securities trading

JUDr. Pavel Tomek

Insolvency, Distraint

Representation in insolvency proceedings, company reorganization, distraint proceedings, excluding actions, representation of creditors and debtors, debt recovery, distraint motion drafting, incidental disputes, insolvency proceedings registrations, preparation of creditor’s insolvency motions

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. Eva Hanková

Labour Law

Employment contract drafting, employment expiration, notice of termination, collective agreement preparation, labour relationship damages, labour relationship claims, social security law, preparation of internal labour regulations, collective bargaining, claims from invalid employment termination, non-compete clauses, occupational injury claims, wage, salary and pension debt recovery, unions law, employment termination, agency employment, compensation for non-material damage

Mgr. Radka Löbelová, Mgr. Eva Hanková, Mgr. Miroslav Považan

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright law, databases, licence agreement preparation, proceedings before the Industrial Property Office, trademarks, design, patent proceedings, representation of patent applicant and owner, agreements on copyright work use, employer works, representation in copyright violation disputes, know-how protection, trade secret protection, moral rights

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. David Mikula, Mgr. Radka Löbelová

Competition Law

Unfair competition, proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition, dominant position, misleading advertising, trade secret protection, cartel law, relevant market, joint venture

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. David Mikula

Law of Business Corporations

Incorporation in the Companies Register, foundation of business corporations and cooperatives, corporate governance, company liquidation, execution of shareholders’ rights, holding establishment, company bodies, changes of company legal forms, stock corporation, private limited company, preparation of shareholders’ agreements, business share transfer, annual general meeting preparation, company name changes, joint venture, law of cooperatives, preparation and revision of Articles of Association, stock and bond emissions, establishing legal act, controlled and controlling persons, registered capital increase and decrease

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. David Mikula, Mgr. Radka Löbelová, JUDr. Petr Kožíšek, Mgr. Eva Hanková, Mgr. Miroslav Považan

Real Estate Law, Construction Law

Zoning proceedings, land planning, construction permit proceedings, subsequent construction permit, building removal proceedings, lease relationships, ownership titles, registration in the Land Register, unit owners association, security/mortgage agreements, real estate acquisition, preparation and revision of purchase, donation and exchange agreements and contracts for work, establishment and cancellation of easements, representation before the building authority, real estate transfer, escrow, pre-emptive right establishment, restitution claims, neighbour disputes, advisory in investment, engineering and construction activities, building permit application, development and construction

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. David Mikula, Mgr. Radka Löbelová, JUDr. Petr Kožíšek, Mgr. Eva Hanková, Mgr. Miroslav Považan

Environmental Law

Waste management, representation in proceedings before administrative authorities, protected landscape areas, gamekeeping

JUDr. Petr Kožíšek

Transformations of Business Corporations

Merger, consolidation, demerger, division, change of legal form, preparation of shareholders’ agreements, concern law, holding establishment

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. David Mikula, Mgr. Radka Löbelová

Family and Inheritance Law

Community property, prenuptial agreement preparation, community property settlement, representation in divorce proceedings, arrangements for minors following parents’ divorce, maintenance, foster care, adoption, legal capacity, contact of parents with children, determination and denial of paternity, representation in inheritance proceedings, legal assistance in will disposal and inheritance agreement conclusion, disinheritance, representation in guardianship proceedings

Mgr. Eva Hanková, JUDr. Petr Kožíšek, Mgr. Radka Löbelová, JUDr. Věra Říhová, Mgr. Miroslav Považan

Judicial and Arbitral Proceedings

Representation before courts and administrative authorities, distraint proceedings, insolvency proceedings, appellate proceedings, arbitration, amicable settlement, preparation of action and motion to issue a payment order, arbitration clause evaluation, administrative courts, out-of-court dispute resolution, making consumer claims, constitutional complaint, representation in proceedings before the Constitutional Court, judicial escrow, compensation of damage caused by undue official procedure, preparation of administrative actions and cassation complaints

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. David Mikula, JUDr. Petr Kožíšek, Mgr. Eva Hanková, Mgr. Radka Löbelová, Mgr. Miroslav Považan

Administrative Law

Offences of natural persons, administrative offences, preparation of documents for administrative proceedings, representation before administrative authorities, representation in offence proceedings, alien law, right to information, administrative courts, making consumer claims, preparation of administrative and cassation complaints

JUDr. Petr Kožíšek, Mgr. Eva Hanková, Mgr. Radka Löbelová, Mgr. Miroslav Považan

Associations Law

Preparation and revision of Articles of Association, establishment and constitution of an association, association members’ rights, association liquidation

Mgr. David Mikula, JUDr. Petr Kožíšek

Criminal Law

Defence of both natural and legal persons in criminal proceedings, filing of criminal reports, representation of the injured, legal assistance with acts in criminal proceedings, representation in adhesion proceedings, damages, application for conditional release from sentence of imprisonment, compensation of damage and non-material damage

JUDr. Věra Říhová, Mgr. Eva Hanková, JUDr. Petr Kožíšek, Mgr. Radka Löbelová, Mgr. Miroslav Považan

Public Procurement

Procurement procedure, public contract administration, tender preparation, tender documentation preparation, representation of the contracting authority/entity in all stages of the procurement procedure, procurement procedure administration, representation in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition, in house, subcontractor, objection formulation, preparation of tenderers’ tenders, proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition

JUDr. Pavel Tomek, Mgr. David Mikula

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On 5 February 2016, the Czech Bar Association was authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic to conduct out-of-court consumer dispute resolution in the area of disputes between the attorney and the consumer arising from Agreements on Provision of Legal Services (in accordance with Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, as amended). The website of the authorized entity is

JUDr. Pavel Tomek has a professional liability insurance covering potential damage caused during provision of legal services up to the sum insured of CZK 77,000,000 (with a limit of up to CZK 7,000,000 the attorney is insured by law under the framework insurance policy through the Czech Bar Association; individual liability insurance policy with a limit of up to CZK 70,000,000 has been taken out in excess of the basic insurance).